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real estate market

Real-estate professionals listen up: the real-estate market is hot right now but the eventual downturn is coming. Are your finances prepared to survive the next stage? 

  • Job market holds the key to continued economic recovery
  • Bond market rallies as inflation fears subside
  • The march higher for stocks continues
woman excited she got the job offer

Have you considered all the factors involved in making a job switch?

father teaches child about money

Do you know where to start when it’s time for your children to learn about handling money?

family at 4th of july garden party

As you gather with friends and family this 4th of July, remember what you are celebrating. Our nation is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Yet, I have found that people do not always give themselves enough freedom to pursue what truly makes them happy.

hit the target

An important step for business owners as they think through their eventual exit is answering the big three questions: 1) to whom I will transition my business, 2) how much I need to net out from the transition, and 3) when I will exit.

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