Relationship Manager - Atlanta

Brightworth's Mission Statement is "Empowering you to focus on what matters most." How do we do this? Through servant leadership, intentional engagement, and building trust.

Brightworth is committed to a culture of commitment to our people and our clients. We believe in mutual respect and being life-long learners.

The Relationship Manager works with the Atlanta team to provide top-notch service to our clients. The ideal candidate will possess the capacity to do the following:

Relationship Managers work closely with Wealth Advisors to build and nurture strong relationships with our clients. They provide personalized service to our clients by managing the day-to-day administrative needs of their accounts.  

Essential Functions

  • Handle or facilitate all client requests in a professional and timely manner. 
  • Processing requests for distribution of funds 
  • Preparing any necessary paperwork and obtaining signatures 
  • Communicate with custodians regarding issues 
  • Assisting Advisors in various meeting prep items 
  • Lead clients through the onboarding process 
  • Preparing new account paperwork and supplemental documents 
  • Communicating with all parties regularly to keep everyone informed 
  • Monitor and manage work flow to ensure correct and timely processing
  • Prepare and deliver necessary paperwork for client account maintenance. 
  • Address change 
  • Beneficiary / Registration changes 
  • Establish standing instructions for money movement 
  • Establish and maintain regular contact with clients 
  • Joining Advisor for periodic client meetings (in office and offsite) 
  • Greeting clients for in office meetings 
  • Ensure proper procedures are followed in order to maintain compliance 
  • Maintain knowledge of current policy and procedure for BW 
  • Maintain knowledge of current policy with our custodians 
  • Engage with other teams across the firm to serve the client 
  • Handle various other service-related items in a timely manner 
  • Effectively utilize CRM to maintain records and notes in an accurate and current manner
  • Meet and work closely with Advisors in order to assist clients.  
  • Scan all required documents into LaserFiche for archiving 
  • Assist with training of other team members and new hires.  



  • Prepare & Save Contract
  • Prepare & Save IPSs
  • Prepare Application(s)
  • Prepare Money Movement Forms- RM can move funds without any oversight however they must inform the Advisor. The Advisor may be consulted to confirm where the funds should be pulled from
  • Prepare TOA(s)
  • Prepare E Consent
  • Prepare CPA Authorization
  • Prepare Cover Letter w/ Details of PPWK for Client
  • Upload to BW Vault; Custodial Site for E Sig; Mail, Overnight
  • Laserfiche
  • Add New Accounts to CRM
  • Qualify Leads to Accounts
  • Input Household Data; Service Offerings; BW#; Address
  • Input Primary/ Secondary Contact Info (DOB, SSN; Email Address
  • Notify EA for New Client Gift 
  • Use of Technology for paperwork when available 
  • Attend Client Meetings 

Maintenance / Service Requests

  • Review Custodial Alerts
  • Review Emails for Action items
  • Check Advisor View for Transaction History
  • Check Status Pending Service Requests
  • Notify Advisors of Completed Requests
  • Send Trade Request to Investment Operations as needed 
  • Notify Clients of Completed Requests
  • Beneficiary Updates
  • Address Changes
  • Portfolio Updates
  • RMD Distributions
  • IPS Updates 
  • 401k/ IRA Rollover Phone Call 
  • Opening Additional Accts for Existing Clients 
  • Document All action taken on clients: Note Phone call, completed tasks
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Charitable Gifting 
  • PAL Requests 
  • 529 Applications- These are generally run through the Advisor first but the RM can act independently if a client went directly to an RM. 
  • TOD Updates 
  • BW Fee Pymts 
  • Calls with Clients 

Money Movement Requests

  • Wires
  • EFTs
  • Journals
  • Check Request
  • Incoming / Outgoing TOAs
  • Track Cost Basis
  • Check Deposits 

Estate Settlement

  • Have WA notify BW employees by email
  • Update CRM to show client Deceased add DOD in Alert Bar
  • Update Primary / Secondary Contact as needed
  • Stop outgoing distributions 
  • Request Final Fees to be taken
  • Meet w/WA and Planner on Estate Plan and Flow Charts 
  • Make RMD has been satisfied 
  • Get updated copy of IRA Beneficiary Designations 
  • Step Up Cost Basis 
  • Request Copy of DC and Letters of Testamentary 
  • Proceed with new accts as outlined in Estate Plan 
  • Attend Client Meetings 

Client Termination 

  • Notify Planner to Terminate BV access
  • Let Trading Know to calculate final fee or Refund
  • Prepare Termination Ppwk
  • IMA Terminated Letter to Client
  • Internal Terminated Client Form
  • Delink from Accts 
  • Update CRM and make client inactive  
  • Move all client folders to inactive
  • Provide Compliance with copies of Letter and Final Bill
  • Scan to Laserfiche 


  • Training 
  • Sign Birthday Cards 
  • Attend Team Meetings 
  • Attend Staff Events 

Supervisory responsibilities

Physical demand

  • Sitting for long periods of time.  

Travel required

  • Occasional travel for client meetings
  • Occasional travel to other offices

Required education and experience

  • 5+ years previous investment advisor or brokerage sales assistant experience required

Preferred education and experience

  • Ability to efficiently manage time and capacity while in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • A high level of multi-tasking and attention to detail
  • Enjoys problem solving and researching account-related issues