As a corporate professional or executive

Emails. Meetings. Deadlines. Business travel. Family time. The weekend. With all you have going on, monitoring and making adjustments to your financial life isn’t easy. Yet your personal finances are the means to reach many of your life’s goals, whether paying for your children’s college, retiring and moving to the beach, or making a sizable contribution to your favorite charity. Achieving these goals is like putting together a puzzle; each piece must fit together in order to complete the whole picture.


At Brightworth, we've seen executives retiring with millions and others with their backs against the wall because they can't afford to retire. If you don't know whether the pieces of your financial puzzle fit together, we can help you address some important questions.

  • What can I do now with my compensation and benefits plans to ensure that I can live comfortably in retirement?
  • When is the best time to exercise my stock options?
  • How do I reduce the amount of taxes I'm paying?
  • What's the best way to save and pay for my kids' education?


By reviewing options, enhancing strategies, and minimizing your tax burden, Brightworth will help you develop a custom plan to help you achieve your goals and monitor your progress along the way.


Your personal CFO

We can work with your other advisors as needed to help you reach your life and financial goals.

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Integration for Success

By giving you clarity into your entire financial life, and integrating all these elements, we help you to focus on what matters most.


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Among our clients are executives and professionals of these companies: 

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Lisa brown speaking

The Changing Financial Landscape

The gold watch and the pension are no longer a given in the 21st century. Brightworth’s Lisa Brown was interviewed by Financial Advisor at their recent Invest in Women conference, and here shares her thoughts on how today’s professionals and executives should approach retirement.


Taking Stock with Lisa Brown podcast

Brightworth's own Lisa Brown is the host of Taking Stock With Lisa Brown and she has the financial insights you need to navigate life's toughest decisions.