Bright Ideas

Read what Brightworth advisors and planners have to say about wisely managing your financial future.

woman gets a windfall

Learn from these examples of mishandled inheritances so you don’t become the next person to lose a fortune.

Don’t let emotional decisions drive your financial planning. Use these strategies instead to help prepare your finances for the eventual stock market drop.

money under the mattress

What would happen in the event of an emergency, and you haven’t told your loved ones how to access your money?

open enrollment

Do open enrollment options seem confusing or daunting? Let our advisors help you make sense of it all so you can maximize your company benefits and protect your family.

This month we tackle some common questions we are hearing from our clients. 

haunted house

It’s October, which means the neighbors are putting cobwebs around their front doors and jack-o-lanterns on their porches. Spooky season can quickly turn the cheery and inviting home on the corner into a haunted house you walk a little quicker past.

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