Losing or Leaving Your Job

Nothing lasts forever and climbing the career ladder can often involve leaping to another ladder. Whatever the terms of your next career move, you’ll benefit from being prepared for change, so that you can make the most of it.  

taking stock

Taking Stock with Lisa Brown: Losing Your 6-figure Job

Losing your 6-figure job? Executives navigating layoffs and buyouts have some critical decisions to make. In this podcast, I'll talk  about some important steps to consider.


lost job

You Just Lost Your Corporate Job Due to the Cornavirus Crisis. Now What?

From how to make the most of your severance pay to pension plan payouts and stock options, you have a lot of variables to take into consideration right now. These decisions come with opportunities to weigh and pitfalls to avoid.


new job

You Can Be Picky Before Accepting a Job Offer (Yes, Even in a Pandemic)

With skyrocketing unemployment rates due to Covid-19, many people are finding themselves searching for new job opportunities. Wealth Advisor Patricia Sklar shares her advice on determining which opportunities to go after.


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