2020: The Year So Far and the Road Ahead

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Posted on September 14, 2020

On September 10th Brightworth hosted a webinar that took a look back at the financial impact of the pandemic on the economy and markets, and considered what lies ahead with the upcoming election. We heard from our CEO Ray PadrĂ³n, our CIO Don Wilson, and Wealth Advisors Mike DeWitt and Patricia Sklar, on these topics and what they mean for our clients' financial and investment strategies. Watch the replay here: https://brightworth.zoom.us/rec/play/JOrmm4iFzdcxcD0oIUtT6m7Vn4yANcbHeQ3ksoNnvHFM40UsGreeuRkec9kL4YBeJGPWz0DJkuc4E1Oz.keWoX22bRpmrzyS9