Corporate Professionals and Executives

Building Your Wealth Inside Corporate America, and then Transitioning Out

Working in corporate America means running at an often unsustainably fast pace. How do you find time to manage your career, your family, your money, and give each the right amount of attention?





Girl Talk, Money Talk II: Financially Fit and Fabulous in Your 40s and 50s

The sequel to Girl Talk, Money Talk is here! Wealth advisor Lisa Brown has released a guide for women in their 40s and 50s who are now handling a different set of opportunities and challenges surrounding their life and wealth. Get the information that every woman needs to know now to help you understand your finances. 

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While you spend your time working, your money should work with you

Our book, Building Your Wealth Inside Corporate America can help you figure out your finances as a corporate professional.

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Corporate professionals and executives from over 300 companies have chosen Brightworth

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The Changing Financial Landscape

The gold watch and the pension are no longer a given in the 21st century. Brightworth’s Lisa Brown was interviewed by Financial Advisor Magazine at their recent Invest in Women conference, and shares her thoughts on how today’s professionals and executives should approach retirement.


Welcome from Ray Padrón and Lisa Brown

Welcome to Brightworth! We're glad you're here. After more than 30 years working with corporate professionals and executives from Fortune 500 companies across the U.S.A., we know and understand what has brought you here. How do you find the time to manage your finances wisely? That's where we come in.


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Planning to Retire in 3 Years? Here's What Senior Level Executives Need to Do Now

From deferred compensation and stock options to backdoor Roths and long-term care insurance, there’s a lot to think about before you get your gold watch.



Our Webinars

Divorce Later in Life? How to Prepare Legally and Financially

Family law expert Steve Andrews and Brightworth’s finance expert Lisa Brown present a concise 30-minute discussion for those who want to understand the legal and financial implications of “gray divorce”.




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How Should You Invest Your 401(k) Now?

The experts at Brightworth discuss how working professionals can decide if their 401(k) investment strategy is in good shape



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How will your heirs inherit your 401(k)? Estate Planning for Busy Executives

The experts at Brightworth discuss three estate planning mistakes busy executives make with their 401(k) plan, stock options, deferred compensation accounts, and more. 



Managing Your Compensation and Taxes

You have a myriad of compensation and benefits plans at your company. Do you have a strategy to maximize them without getting clobbered with taxes?


Losing or Leaving Your Job

What should you do if you’re laid off or offered a severance package? And when is the right time to get out of the fast lane? The decisions you make can affect you for years. 


Your Retirement and Your Family

Someday you’ll be enjoying more free time but with no paycheck. How can you plan now for that day, and for your family’s well-being after you’re gone? 


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The team at Brightworth has decades of experience helping busy corporate professionals and executives navigate the complexities of their company compensation and benefits plans. We work hard to understand what is important to you, and how to map the complexities you face with meeting your financial and life goals. 

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