Choosing the right advisor for you

As the saying goes, "When times are good, anyone can make money." But market volatility can leave some investors uncertain on their financial picture. Many will reevaluate their relationship with their financial advisor to ensure that they are in good hands.

At a time like this, some "do-it-yourselfers" may realize that they also want help. But how will you know if you are receiving good advice? Partnering with an advisor to guide you through the complexities of your financial strategy is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Advisors differ greatly in terms of qualifications, compensation, and conflicts of interest. Also critical are the investment process and performance which are the cornerstone of your financial strategy and key to your long-term success.


Choosing an advisor: A Discussion

Brightworth partners Annika Cushnie, Mike DeWitt, and Lisa Brown talk about the sometimes bewildering options when choosing an advisor. Spoiler: Brightworth isn't always the right choice for everyone.


Want to learn more? Download the white paper, Be Smart about Selecting a Financial Advisor

In this brief, Brightworth Partner and Wealth Advisor Annika Cushnie explains the different kinds of expertise offered by different types of advisors, and how to go about finding an advisor that works to help you meet your unique financial goals.