The current coronavirus measures and our business operations

In addition to carefully monitoring the investment markets and economy, we have carefully evaluated the information provided by the CDC, WHO and various government officials in order to make sound decisions regarding our employees, clients and appropriate structuring of business continuity. Beginning Monday March 16th, we instituted a remote working policy for our staff. Our office will not be open for meetings for 30 days, and we’ll make adjustments to this time frame as needed.  

However, I want to provide assurance that our business operations are not dependent upon our staff physically being in our office. Beginning several years ago, we implemented remote working technology, including secure notebook computers for every employee, a phone system that allows us to answer our main line and transfer calls from any location, a secure virtual private network (VPN), web-based financial planning software, and remote portfolio trading capabilities. We have video conferencing technology in place, conference call lines, and other technologies to help ensure we can serve you wherever you are located, in a professional and timely manner. In fact, over the past few years you have likely been interacting with someone from our team who was working remotely at the time. We had a recent opportunity to test our capabilities in December when the cold and flu season ran through our office, and we instituted this remote working policy. Our investment team has previously conducted remote trading testing days to ensure their portfolio operations could continue as normal outside our physical office. We are very pleased with how our trial remote working days have gone, which gives us confidence to implement the policy at a much-needed time now. 
In addition to our technology initiatives, we have continuity plans for our most valuable resource, our employees, particularly your wealth advisor. Each client is assigned a wealth advisor, a secondary wealth advisor, a financial planner and client service associate. We utilize a central database for client communications as well as organized internal systems to access client’s financial plans and portfolios, which all employees can access. We want each client to have a team of professionals that they know, have spoken or met with, and can serve them at any time. We know this team approach works as our wealth advisors do go on vacation once in a while, and our clients are still served with excellence. 
While reducing personal contact is inconvenient, we want to assure you we will be operating at full capacity during our remote working period. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns, and thank you for your flexibility as we proceed with our business plans to serve you with excellence. 

Ray V. Padrón, CPA, CFP®, CIMA® 
Chief Executive Officer | Wealth Advisor