The Brightworth Experience

We are the Preeminent Wealth Advisory Firm in the Southeast asd

How do we achieve preeminence? Through servant leadership, intentional engagement, and building trust.


Servant Leadershipasd

  • Individually, we are focused on the well-being of others first
  • Our servant mindset is felt by our clients and each other
  • We believe and endeavor to personify the Team Covenant
  • The Team Covenant is best expressed through Middle Way behavior
  • We are caring and seek to understand others first

Intentional Engagementasd

  • We are present and engaged in each others’ and our clients’ lives
  • We feel a sense of priority and proactive involvement on client matters
  • We collaborate on all matters and initiatives to produce the best for our clients and each other

Building Trustasd

  • Trust is the result and full measure of our expertise, service and relationship with each other and our clients
  • Trust is strengthened by accountability
  • Trust requires personal character, integrity and authenticity

brightworth values ven diagram

Our culture, through the Team Covenant and the Middle Way, drives us to build trust through servant leadership and intentional engagement. Where expertise, service, and client relationship meet, we achieve preeminence. 


  • Demonstrated deep experience and expertise across financial disciplines
  • A culture of curiosity and lifelong learning
  • Mentorship and apprenticeship development model
  • A highly-certified team of advisors, investment specialists, and professionals
  • Wisdom and judgement from working with over a thousand clients for decades 

What does this mean for our team and our clients?

  • We’ve got this, so you can focus on what matters most to you
  • We help the changing financial landscape make sense to you
  • We work together to address  your unique issues the way you need


  • Trust is built as we get to know each other and our clients, their desires, goals, biases and concerns 
  • Relationship competency that allows us to encourage and empower each other and our clients to move forward confidently
  • A level of curiosity that allows deeper understanding of each other and our clients
  • We bring our authentic (best version) of ourselves into all our relationships

What does this mean for our team and our clients?

  • A caring and safe environment where your concerns and hopes can be expressed
  • A level of trust and belonging that is rarely experienced


  • Best-in-class client experience that is “felt” by every client
  • Quality in all things
  • We serve our clients and one another from where they are and not where we expect them 
  • A level of service driven by client and staff feedback
  • Innovation created and applied where it best serves each other and our clients

What does this mean for our team and our clients?

  • Peace of mind about your ability to reach and maintain your goals 
  • Empowerment to focus on what matters most in your work life and personal life
  • We have your back, to address  your unique issues the way you need 

The Brightworth Experience

Step 1: Nice to meet you!

We’ll get to know each other, and discuss your goals and concerns. Together we’ll determine how Brightworth can help you achieve your life and financial goals.

Step 2: Getting things in order 

Next, we’ll gather the financial information we need to develop your plan. Our straightforward process helps all parties clearly understand where we’re starting and where we want to finish.

Step 3: Working as a team to build a strategy for you

Next, our expert advisors build your unique, integrated wealth strategy.  Once complete, we’ll discuss each component together to ensure that the strategy we’ve designed suits all your financial needs.

Step 4: Implementing your plan

After we finalize your plan and design your investment asset allocation, we’ll help you open new accounts and transfer existing investments to Brightworth so we can professionally manage them for you. We assist you with completing other action items such as getting your wills prepared, adjusting insurance plans, implementing tax strategies, etc.

Step 5: Monitor, adjust, implement

We’ll meet with you regularly to update your financial plan, monitor and track your goals, discuss the changing tax and investment landscape, and review your investment portfolio.  Of course, you can call us at any time to speak with your advisor about specific questions, concerns, or changes to your situation you’d like to discuss. We’ll keep you up-to-date with our Brightworth events, quarterly market commentary, and additional communications, giving you insights and perspectives on your finances. 

Ready to start the conversation? 

If you’re starting to think about the future, or are anxious that you may not be on track financially, it’s not too early to start planning. Contact Brightworth today to speak with one of our advisors.