The Brightworth Experience

Empowering you to focus on what matters most. How do we do this? Through servant leadership, intentional engagement, and building trust.

Servant Leadership

  • Individually, we are focused on the well-being of others first
  • Our servant mindset is felt by our clients and each other
  • We believe and endeavor to personify the Team Covenant: respect, accountability and commitment, grace, communication, safe environment, and joy
  • We are caring and seek to understand others first

Intentional Engagement

  • We are present and engaged in each others’ and our clients’ lives
  • We feel a sense of priority and proactive involvement on client matters
  • We collaborate on all matters and initiatives to produce the best for our clients and each other

Building Trust

  • Trust is the result and full measure of our expertise, service and relationship with each other and our clients
  • Trust is strengthened by accountability
  • Trust requires personal character, integrity and authenticity