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Thu, 02/11/2021 - 13:01

Between the ages of 50 and 70, most people experience a significant amount of life change. Transitions are a natural and regular occurrence in our lives. They represent a shift from what was to what is. While normal, they still contribute to a significant amount of the stress in our lives, both positive and negative. Change can create friction in our comfort, our relationships, and our identity. It can also represent great opportunity and growth.

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Thu, 02/11/2021 - 10:36

I received this text message from my son the other night: “Hey, Dad, what’s going on with all this GameStop business? And AMC? Everyone in my fraternity is talking about it. Apparently someone made like $25k.” When I received this text, I knew it was time for a chat – and a note to many of our clients.

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Fri, 02/05/2021 - 16:19

"Two double beds? You have to be kidding me. We’re here to celebrate our first anniversary!” This unfortunate true story is one that my wife and I can now laugh about. Money was tight our first year of marriage, but we still wanted a quick getaway to celebrate

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Thu, 01/21/2021 - 16:43

woman writing goals on paper

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, I like to keep my goals attainable. I remember watching Phil Dunphy on Modern Family trying to walk to Canada on an elliptical machine and thinking: “why would you ever put yourself through that torture?” 

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Tue, 12/15/2020 - 11:56

The end of 2020 is in sight, but there is still plenty of time left to make a number of financial moves that will help improve your retirement savings, reduce your tax bill and benefit your community.

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Tue, 12/01/2020 - 09:57

What if you could measure your retirement life in the areas that matter most? Would it be worthwhile to provide structure to your annual and long-term life goals in retirement? There are a number of tools in the world of personal coaching that help provide a baseline of satisfaction in various areas of your life.

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Mon, 11/02/2020 - 16:24

taking stock with lisa brown podcast

The latest episode of Taking Stock with Lisa Brown is Two Crazy Investment Mistakes People are Making Right Now.

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Mon, 10/12/2020 - 14:23

Two significant challenges of the Covid-19 reality are a loss of personal connections and a real burden on charitable organizations to meet the increasing needs of people around the world. We are all learning how to adapt to a more virtual world in building and investing in relationships.

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Fri, 09/11/2020 - 14:39

For those planning for retirement, the events of 2020 have been especially worrisome and disruptive. We can't control pandemics, market fluctuations, or social unrest. But, we can focus on the blocking and tackling of retirement planning. Here are the three drills you can run...

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Fri, 09/11/2020 - 14:09

They’re back!! It may be hard to believe but unfettered excitement over investing in technology stocks has returned with a vengeance. It feels like a lifetime ago – actually, barely five months – when fear swept through the financial markets as the Covid-19 global pandemic sent the world economy into an abyss. Entire economies were effectively shut down with ramifications as uncertain as predicting the weather. 

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Thu, 08/27/2020 - 13:45

The latest episode of Taking Stock with Lisa Brown is Is Now the Time to Dial Down Risk?

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Mon, 08/10/2020 - 22:54

While ensuring your documents and your household are in order is a critical step, it's only one part in the process of "finishing well." A fruitful and often ignored step is engaging in conversations with our family and friends about our thoughts and wishes for our living and dying. Here are recommendations for the who, what, when, where & why of end-of-life discussions.

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