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Brightworth Update

The CARES Act 

Week of March 30th

Last Friday, President Trump signed into law the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act providing $2.2 trillion of fiscal stimulus to help the U.S. weather through the economic damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Important CARES Act Provisions for the Working Professional

Many provisions in the CARES Act are specifically designed to help those working in corporate America today. This relief can be particularly important if their job is eliminated due to the sharp downtown in the economy...

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The CARES Act: What you need to know as a Business Owner

The Act provides approximately $2.2 trillion of fiscal stimulus including a $350 billion bank loan program for businesses, commonly called the “Paycheck Protection Program.”

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The CARES Act: What you need to know for Retiring Well

significant portion of the CARES Act focuses on supporting businesses and their employees during the economic impact of the current pandemic. The legislation does, however, have two meaningful benefits and changes for retirees. 

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Resources for You

A Coronavirus Checklist: Tips for Your Mental and Financial Health

As we all watch the latest news about the coronavirus, it’s easy to be scared about our physical and financial health. Take a deep breath and check out some reassuring advice that Lisa Brown is sharing with all her clients.

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You Just Lost Your Job Due to the Coronavirus. Now What?

Lisa Brown shares advice on how to handle your severance pay, stock options, and 401(k) if you have lost your job due to the Coronavirus crisis.

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